MMPCIA October General Meeting šŸ—“

Protecting Your Neighborhood and Home

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Ascension Presbyterian Church
15 Mount Morris Park West
(At corner of 122nd Street)

Featured Presentations:

Who Protects Our Neighborhood?
Learn About Neighborhood Safety

New York Police Department (NYPD)
Commander Christopher McIntosh, 28th Precinct
Drug Arrests, Homelessness, Crime Statistics

Captain Aneudy Castillo, 25th Precinct
Marcus Garvey Park Concerns Addressed

What Does the Community Board Do For Our Neighborhood?
Community Board 10

Cicely Harris, Chair
Raquel Vazquez, Chair, Transportation, Historical Preservation and Landmarks Committee
Get Informed About Construction, Financing and Permits for Landmarked Buildings

So, You’re Thinking About Renovating Your Landmarked Building?
Learn About Landmarks Policy and Procedures

Historic Districts Council
Kelly Carroll, Director of Advocacy and Community Outreach
Construction, Financing, and the Permit Process

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