When Mount Morris Talks! to Billy Hunter, he’ll have a lot to say. And not just about the 2011 NBA lockout.

Billy Hunter & NBA Players Association president Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers

Sure, he’s the Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association, so he can talk about those 161 days that delayed the 2011-12 regular season and reduced it by 16 games.

But he can also talk about what it was like to play professional football with the NFL’s Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. About forming the first major sports union to represent female athletes. About being the very first African-American to compete in the Little League World Series Championship some 50+ years ago.

He can talk about organizing boycotts of Southern universities in the 60s and their segregated stadiums. About being one of the youngest United States Attorneys in history, leading the investigation and prosecution of members of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, the Black Panther Party and the Hell’s Angels.

He can talk about developing the preeminent high school basketball camp for the country’s top 100 high school athletes with a professional career in their future, and programs for athletes post-NBA whose playing careers are in the past. He can talk about taking on a multi-billion dollar industry and about the Feeding One Million initiative.

And he can do it all from personal experience.

Join us at 6:30 PM, Thursday, February 9, in the Harlem Branch Library Community Room, 9 W 124 Street, for Mount Morris Talks! and you can meet G. William “Billy” Hunter himself,  the man in the middle of some of the most fascinating circumstances of this century and the last, and our neighbor in Mount Morris Park.

Mount Morris Talks! logoMount Morris Talks! is a series of conversations between the community and leaders, news makers, artists, authors and thinkers who live in the Harlem area. MMPCIA is proud to sponsor this series and offers it free of charge to the community.

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